L’Effet Papillon: small steps, great achievements.

Founded in 2011 by Mélanie Péron, the social enterprise L’Effet Papillon was born from this conviction. It aims to create a real social impact on people’s lives with cancer facing fragile or isolated situations. Since its inception, L’Effet Papillon has helped more than 3,000 people, therefore becoming an essential partner of healthcare and welfare actors.

In September 2007, my companion was diagnosed with acute leukemia. The earth seemed to collapse under our feet and for 18 months, we lived a long and difficult experience, with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplantation. Social isolation, physical pain, mental pain, and fear are real ordeals. Our escape - as a patient and a relative - was therefore possible thanks to music, video games and the Internet.
Mélanie Péron, founder of L’Effet Papillon

Birth of Bliss

Developed by L’Effet Papillon, Bliss is a virtual reality application which aims to relax and distract the users’ attention in anxiety-provoking situations. Developed for and with patients, in partnership with several doctors, researchers and experts in virtual reality, Bliss is a real relaxation tool.

As a daily witness of the damage caused by cancer, I am often powerless to provide solutions to my patients. L’Effet Papillon has helped me to offer them a real support to overcome these hard times: in addition to the already offered supportive care, we must be imaginative, and Bliss is living proof. The application helps patients and their families cope with the different stages of medical care - waiting rooms, consultation, heavy medical examinations - and their return home after treatment which generates stress.
Dr. Hugues Bourgeois, oncologist at Victor Hugo clinic (Le Mans)

Meeting with ESIA and ESCIN, two engineering schools, and creation of a first prototype on PC, using the Kinect.

Participation in the Laval Virtual event and success of the first introduction of Bliss.

Beginning of the collaboration with the Enozone (Laval), the company which carried on the development of Bliss on PC.

Care assessment research called « Etude Papillon »: Bliss was tested on 12 patients with cancer, in addition to their routine treatment protocols.

Crowdfunding campaign that raised €25,537 to further the development of Bliss on mobile device.

The first health care facility equips itself with Bliss to relieve their patients from stress and anxiety.

Financing the virtual reality version of Bliss

In 2016, to further the development of Bliss and raise public awareness, the team launched a fundraising campaign via Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform. The objective was reached: over €25,000 were collected. A new version of Bliss for smartphones and tablets was developed, thus making it easily accessible and user-friendly.

Bliss has been developing and taking shape for 7 years. The mobile app is being currently examined through multiple clinical studies to prove its effectiveness in reducing pain. This soothing app, both from a graphical and a sound perspective, offers a visual atmosphere and a binaural sound that invite people to escape. It keeps the mind busy so that the user is less focused on the pain he/she is feeling.
Dr Katell Le Dû, hématologue à la clinique Victor Hugo (Le Mans)