About Us

BLISS project, developed by l’Effet Papillon, is a relaxing application. Providing a peaceful moment, BLISS can be used both as a relaxation tool and to distract your attention from stress or anxiety such as during an operation. "With Bliss, I barely felt anything." As we know, virtual reality has a positive impact on users by distracting their attention and relaxing them. That is why Bliss –an interactive 3D application- was created in order to meet the patients’ needs for escapism and relaxation when they feel stressed or isolated. Bliss was developed for and with patients in partnership with doctors, researchers and specialists of Virtual Reality. You feel anxious? Enjoy a poetic journey in a dreamlike smooth world with BLISS. "It helped me relax! Bliss takes you on a journey into a dreamlike world. This soothing app, both from a graphical and a sound perspective, offers a visual atmosphere and a binaural sound that invite people to escape: its properties were studied and its benefits have been proved. "I felt like I was in a bubble." With only a smartphone, an audio headset and a Gear VR, you will get disconnected from reality and immersed in Bliss special world. "I was completely elsewhere, I forgot what was really happening. So far, three universes have been developed: during a quarter of an hour or half an hour, BLISS takes you on a journey through the heart of a meadow or in the space. A third one will be available soon.

Example of Bliss use

The scope of possibilities is highly extensive: a complementary solution aimed at hospitals for their patients or staff, it is also aimed at companies which pay attention to their employees’ wellness and quality of life.