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Developed by L'Effet Papillon, the Bliss project is a virtual reality app which aims to relax and distract users' attention from stress and anxiety.


As we know, virtual reality has a positive impact on users by distracting their attention and relaxing them. That is why Bliss -an interactive 3D application- was created in order to meet the patients' needs for escapism and relaxation when they feel stressed or isolated. Bliss was developed for and with patients in partnership with doctors, researchers and specialists of Virtual Reality.

After 8 years of research and development, Bliss 3D application is now available.

Bliss takes you on a journey into a dreamlike world. This soothing app, both from a graphical and a sound perspective, offers a visual atmosphere and a binaural sound that invite people to escape: its properties were studied and its benefits have been proved.

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